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Today, both dentists and patients are recognizing more connections between good oral hygiene and overall health. Quite a few chronic conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, have been linked back to the presence of bacteria in the oral cavity. Gum inflammation, in particular, is linked to a higher risk of stroke in patients with periodontal disease. The mouth-body connection is real, creating a need to take care of your oral health properly. Your mouth might just be one component of your body, but it is clearly linked to all of the other biological parts of your body. Finding a family dentist in Indianapolis who you can trust with all of your oral health care needs is essential to your overall well-being.

Starting Early for No-Anxiety Dental Experiences

Finding a quality family dentist in Indianapolis is also important for your child’s well-being now and in the future. Dental phobias are often formed during a poor experience that leaves a child unprepared for what is about to happen. Our entire office staff understands the importance of communicating clearly in order to develop trust and a good rapport between the child and dental staff at our Indianapolis family dentistry office. They discuss not only what is about to occur at each phase of dental treatment, but also, the importance of following good oral health care routines.

Children’s teeth are especially vulnerable due to the deep nooks and crannies they have. Providing fluoride treatments and sealants is one of the proactive approaches taken by our family dentist in Indianapolis to protect children’s teeth from experiencing decay. Fluoride treatments help to remineralize your child’s teeth, making them stronger and more resistant to decay. Typically, a special tray filled with a fluoride solution is placed on the child’s teeth so that calcium, fluoride, and phosphate, are deposited into the tooth enamel.

Preventive Methods for Oral Health

Sealants, which are created from a specialized type of plastic, are applied to the entire top surface of children’s molars to provide an extra layer of protection against sugary substances, plaque, and bacteria. Since they are colorless, no one knows they exist except for your family dentist, the child, and you. Typically, dental sealants are only recommended for patients between the ages of four and seventeen, and since they are temporary, they must be reapplied.

When many people think about the bad effects of using tobacco, they think of cancer. However, tobacco use can create some bad situations for your mouth and overall health as well. In particular, using tobacco can increase plaque and tartar buildup, which increases the risk of both gum disease and tooth decay. If untreated, gum disease eventually leads to tooth loss, and it has been associated with poor health and the development of heart disease, stroke, and more. Not only that, but smoking often makes you a poor candidate for dental implant procedures. The best strategy is not to smoke at all.

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